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May 12, 2012

CDAC Noida Project Engineer jobs Ma-2012

Centre for development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) a scientific society of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Govt. of India. C-DAC Noida  invites Online application highly talented and committed individuals for the following requirements:


  1. I am Goyal from C-DAC Delhi. A new rule has come into effect that all CC & GBC ( Continuing Contract and Grade Based Contract ) Staff of CDAC to be converted into Consolidated pay from July 2012. This is applicable to all the C-DAC Centres irrespective of their projects. Members will loose lots of benefits (Eg. Engineers grade will be into project engineer 1 with a pay of Rs. 30,000/- per month). Currently they are getting Rs. 40,000 + PF + DA + Medical Alowance etc.

    Employees will be loosing benefits such as Gratuity, PF contribution , Medical, Tuition Fees, CGHS. It is likely an Engineer Grade is loosing Rs.300000-400000 Per year.

    This rule is applied in C-DAC Delhi on 5 employees and they are about to fight in Court.

    Source : Govering Council Meeting held 2 month ago

  2. There are rumors or rather news that CDAC is implementing a policy where there will be only 2 types of employees. One is Purely permanent and others are purely contractual. The employees working as GBC (grade based contract) will be offered contractual with consolidated salary(That is also not par with the current Gross salary) offers. It has already spread panic among such employees who has served CDAC ranging from 4 to 10 years. To be honest most of them are having families, homeloans and other responsibility. If such a scenario comes then they will have to either leave the orgnaisation which is very difficult after such a long period or will be forced livee with difficulties. If it was the case then CDAC management should not have offered them GBC offer that the first place.

    Being an Employee of CDAC , I am sure that the the facts written above may not be 100% correct but there is something which is being kept under the carpet.So I urge the senior management to either reconsider the issue or be transparent let the affected employees know so that they can have enough time to look for better work opportunities

    A GBC Employee (CDAC)

  3. respected sanjeev reddy and goyal,

    i am sangam kumar from chennai I have got offer for interview technical officer/engineer post at CDAC Kolkata. currently i am working in Hindustan Shipyard Limited as IT Engineer hsl is totally mechanical company, i wanted to work in IT company where i could apply my knowledge in computer science. can you please tell me the working environment and salary structure for a fresher like me...

    I would be happy to get the reply regarding this.
    thank you in advance

  4. Hello Ghoyal,
    What is the status now? What happens to GBCS in other CDAC centers?


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